Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom Tile Designs

There are many different styles to choose from when it comes to deciding on a bathroom tile design. You can go simple or complex, with different stones, colors or mosaics. Beginning with a very popular design, the basic bathroom can consist of a checkerboard style floor in common white with a chosen accent color such as blue. This accent color is also used on the walls, as is the white for neutral stability. A boarder is placed about sink level, and carried around the room in a diamond pattern as to reflect the floor. The basic bathroom is most commonly built with ceramic tiles.

Another design is that of a more romantic style, utilizing deeper hues and stronger patterns, mostly built with stone or granite. This bathroom style has a solid color floor to enhance the overall intensity of the room. Reds, golden shades and browns are used to deepen this effect. The lower half of the wall is a solid color, possibly made of trim, which comes to sink level. The upper half is a lighter shade to represent a luminous and glowing atmosphere. This bathroom tile design is often used for master baths and/or his/her baths.

 bathroom tile designs

The last bathroom tile design that is being used widely today, is the contemporary style. This style is a dramatic, picturesque style that normally is chosen by persons with a strong personality for architecture and class. Granite tile is used to enrich the space with texture, often in earthy tones and strong details. Arched ceilings, inset soap holders and broad showers are used to balance the beauty of the natural appearance of Mediterranean design the contemporary bathroom reflects. With a single palette used to simplify, the granite remains bold and balanced with modern above counter sinks and low lighting. This style has become an overwhelming favorite to home builders in recent years.

These styles are unique for their textures, colors and accompaniments, although there are many other styles to please any designers ideas. From a country bathroom with calming tones and ceramic tiles, to the transitional style offering higher quality stones and deeper hues, there is a design waiting for each individual designer.