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Bathroom Tile Grout Mildew

Everyone dislikes the grout mildew in their bathroom tiles. Grout mildew usually makes the bathroom look like a mess. It could turn a nice bathroom into a disaster. And the worst part is that it's hard to get rid of. People scrub and scrub and it just doesn't seem to go away. When the grout gets too bad, people just end up replacing everything which could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

There are repair kits for grout you can buy online and in stores, but the use is limited and none ever seem to get the grout mildew completely away. One of the easy ways to get rid of the bathroom tile grout mildew is to manually remove the entire grout with a saw, apply your own grout mix from a store bought product, and wipe away the excess. This is never too expensive and you can surely find some great deals. When you buy the new grout mix, you should always make sure it is "latex modified" so it will be water resistant and last longer. Usually, a packet of grout mix is less than $10 while a grout saw and other accessories are less than $20. So when you purchase the things you need, you save a lot instead of purchasing a cleaning kit in the store or on the internet.

If the tile grout isn't too bad and could use some minor cleansing, you can usually use a household cleaning product. Some products don't work, so the best thing to use is oxygen bleach powder. It removes all stains and refreshes your grout after applying and let to sit for a few hours. Only use the bleach powder on white grout. If your grout is colored, the bleach will remove all the colors. If your grout needs cleaning and is colored, the best thing to use is a powder based cleaner and a stiff brush. Don't use a toothbrush, because this is too soft to penetrate the stains and mildew. Some great powder based cleaners for colored grout are Mr. Clean and Lysol.

So never get discouraged when your grout is a mess. So many people are experiencing the same exact thing. And don't forget, it could always be worse. So go to the dollar store, get some cleaners, and start cleaning! Don't worry, you will be glad you cleaned it after the way it looks. Good luck!