Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom Tile Patterns

Bathroom tiles come in many shapes, patterns, finishes, and sizes. Besides the standard four inch square glazed ceramic tile you are all familiar with, bathroom tiles can come in small one inch mosaic tiles in many patterns, to huge two foot square or larger marble, stone or granite tiles.

Even the most basic bathroom tile can be installed in patterns to give it a unique look. The standard square bathroom tile can be installed in a straight pattern, a staggered pattern, or a diagonal pattern. Within these patterns, other variations can be made with accent strips, or mixing different colored tiles in the same pattern. The variations are limited only to your imagination.

Mosaic bathroom tile also comes in a myriad of styles and patterns. One and two inch square tiles, and one by two inch rectangle tiles can be mixed and matched in an infinite variety of patterns to give a custom look to any bathroom. There are also octagonal patterns, and like with the wall tile, different colors and accents can be added to give additional variety. For instance, regardless of the pattern of the floor tile, an accent stripe of a different pattern or textured could be inlaid in a square, giving the whole room a touch of elegance.

Marble bathroom tile is another place where patterns can give a custom look. Besides the same straight, staggered, and diagonal patterns available to ceramic tile, the corners can be cut off of each piece, leaving a small square hole that is then filled with an alternating color or texture, giving a pattern that looks complicated, but is quite simple.

Besides the patterns you can create using a little imaginations and artistic flair, many tiles come in patterns already created by the shapes of the tiles themselves. Octagonal and hexagonal tiles are available, as well as a pattern known as Valencia that gives an old world Italian look to a simple ceramic tile installation.

In short, wander through your local tile store or visit the tile section of the home store and let your imagination go wild with bathroom tile patterns.