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Bathroom Vinyl Tile - How to Achieve a New Look Easily

So, you've finally decided that you just can't look at that outdated and unsightly bathroom floor anymore? Well, now is the time to get acquainted with all the styles, colors and options in bathroom vinyl tile, and you just might be surprised to find how easy it is to install by yourself. 

Vinyl tile is typically available in 12" squares, though slightly smaller or larger sizes are sometimes available. While vinyl flooring is also available in sheets, many people prefer tiles because of the versatility in their application, and because of how easy they are to replace should an area become damaged. If an area of sheet flooring becomes damaged, it's almost impossible to repair the area to its original look. With vinyl tile, replacing only the damaged areas is fast and simple, and the adjacent areas need not be disturbed. Cleaning and maintaining vinyl tile is a breeze, and it resists moisture as well as most any other floor covering. Those are two critical issues when it comes to the bathroom.

bathroom vinyl tile

Of course, its crucial that any surface that is to be covered with vinyl tile be free of any warping, buckling or water damage. If your plywood or concrete floor is in good shape, simply prepare the floor with a primer that you can find at most any hardware store. If you are putting down tile over existing tile, just be sure to clean the surface before you begin installing the new tile.

Once the floor surface is cleaned and prepared, the next critical step is to find a right angle, usually by aligning with a wall and an adjacent cabinet or vanity. Simply peel the paper from the back of the vinyl tile and press carefully but firmly into place. Now work from this point with the rest of your whole tiles, always pressing the tiles square and tight with the adjacent tiles. Before you know it, you'll have the majority of the bathroom floor covered. Just use a paper template to tackle the tricky areas around the toilet and maybe the tub, and you'll find yourself with a brand new bathroom floor, thanks to vinyl tile.