Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles come in numerous shapes, sizes and styles, but they all have the ability to greatly improve and change the look, feel and value of your bathroom. Conventional wisdom has long held that bathrooms are aspects of a house that can greatly impact the value and marketability of a house. One of the most popular home improvement projects is to remodel the bathrooms.

Bathroom wall tiles can be used in a variety of places in the bathroom to dramatically enhance the appearance and value. Many people will use bathroom wall tiles from floor to ceiling, and will use a variety of tiles to create patterns and color schemes. In addition to placing the tiles on the walls, many will use them to accent the sides of the box containing the tub or Jacuzzi.

When placing tiles on the wall it is important to prepare the wall. Make sure that the wall is fairly smooth and even. If there are large uneven places in the plane of the wall, you will need to use some spackle to float out the uneven spots. In the rare case that the wall has extremely rough texture, you may have to sand down the high spots in the texture so the tile will have enough even surface space on the wall to stick to.

Some people will use a chalk grid to keep their spacing even, but this can usually be accomplished with the use of the plastic cross spacers that go between the edges of the tiles and at the intersections of the corners of the tiles. As long as the initial row of tiles is straight and even with the edge of the wall, this technique will allow you to keep your rows of wall tiles even.

There will always be the need to trim tiles around the edges of the walls, so you will need to have a wet saw. There are some tools with which you can cut a groove in the tile and then snap it along the line of the groove, but this is sometimes difficult, and using a wet saw for the trimming allows you to be more precise and to get a more smooth edge on the cut.