Bathroom Tile Designs

Install Bathroom Tile With This Quick Guide

Installing bathroom tile is something anyone can do with a bit of information. Here are the materials you will need for the tile installation. Tub enclosures need about fifty square feet of tile. Your installation may vary depending on how high you want go. You also need forty-five to fifty pieces of bull nose tile and two corners to dress up the edge of the installation. You will want a soap dish and a towel bar. To install the tile, you need about a gallon of tile glue and ten pounds of tile grout. For tools, you need a measuring tape, a level, a notched trowel to spread the glue, a rubber grout tool, a tile cutter, and snips. All of this is available at your local home store. Have someone there show you how to use the tile cutter and snips.

install bathroom tile

Begin by marking a line about 12 inches above the tub using your level. Spread the glue below this line with the notched trowel. Then, following this line stick and press the tiles to the glue. There are spacers on the edge of the tile to keep them the correct distance apart. Use the level to make sure you are laying them straight. Install the tile on all three walls below this line before going higher to ensure a level installation.

Once you have the bottom section done, simply continue to spread glue and stack the tiles on top to just below the height you have decided. Use the cutter to cut the tiles at the corner. Make sure the cut edge goes toward the corner. Leave two tiles out for the soap dish and towel bars. Once you have the tiles in place, surround this with the bull nose tiles to give a finished edge. Now cut two tiles in half. Place one half in the two spaces you left out for the towel bar, and the other two at the soap dish. This leaves the right amount of space to glue these fixtures in place. Wash any excess glue off the tile and you are ready for grout.