Bathroom Tile Designs

Porcelain Bathroom Tile

When it comes time to plan that next bathroom in a new house or remodel, the decision of what kind of tile to use makes or breaks the durability, ease of maintenance, and appearance of a new bathroom. Many professionals recommend Porcelain bathroom tile because it excels in each of those aspects.

Many people refer to the porcelain throne without thinking about where else porcelain appears. When it comes to tile, ceramic and stone options exist, but porcelain bathroom tile outshines its competitors. When it comes to durability, porcelain tile outlasts other types of tile in high traffic areas. So far as durability, properly installed porcelain bathroom tile provides years of comfortable and effective flooring which outlasts most stone or ceramic tile easily. This durability means that this tile will keep looking good for years on end.

Porcelain bathroom tile cleans up easily. Spills and stains that might seep into more porous materials, such as ceramic tile, wipe up easily from porcelain tile. To clean porcelain tile a mild detergent or bathroom cleanser performs well and wiping down the surface with a mop or rag damp with such a mixture will both disinfect and clean at once. This low maintenance quality means that the bathroom remains pristine without spending hours each week keeping it that way.

The primary drawback of porcelain bathroom tile originates not with the tile itself, but with the grout used to place and cement the tile into place. Infamous for staining, dirty grout can mar the beauty of porcelain tile even while the tile lives up to its promise. To prevent this, use plenty of sealant to protect the grout from absorbing stains or odors. This will prevent it from darkening with stains years down the line, thus ruining the beauty of the porcelain tile and shortening the life of the bathroom.

Porcelain also costs a little more than other tile on the market. However, when investing in a home, a little extra cost now can prevent many future expenses, so using a high quality material like porcelain bathroom tile should be well worth the expense.