Bathroom Tile Designs

A Subway Tile Bathroom

Remodeling your home is still just as important a task today as it was when the economy was booming. The room most in need of a remodel is the bathroom. Whether there was an accident with a broken water pipe or it's just time for a face lift, the majority of people choosing to remodel their bathroom are looking for an inexpensive and stylish way to get the job done. Contractors and home owners alike are turning to subway tiles with increasing frequency and exceptional results.

Subway tiles are an inexpensive option to traditional bathroom tile or stone. The ceramic subway tile is just as sturdy and comes in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. It is one of the more versatile materials available.

Subway Tile Bathroom 

Easily create a classic look. Choose a single color and redo your bathroom with it. White is of course the most typical choice. Use rectangle, square or even hex shaped tiles for the floor and wall to give your bathroom that pristine appearance. Combined with white porcelain fixtures, you can create an atmosphere even a thoracic surgeon would be comfortable in.

For a clean, modern feel you may choose a solid color for your bath. Whether you prefer forest green or even a deep black, subway tile will allow you to achieve that smooth, stark feel. Feel free to choose any style of tub, sink, shower etc. because the great thing about subway tile is its timeless look.

Express your own personal style by creating a mosaic using subway tile. Mix colors and styles to achieve any design you can imagine. Even if all you want is a strip that runs around the wall, subway tile is perfect. You can create this effect using a different color or even in the same color by simply using alternating smaller or larger tile. Perhaps you would prefer to create a work of art to rival Raffael's Creation of the World.

Regardless of what style of bathroom you have in mind, subway tile is the perfect way to complete your vision. This is the medium of the future in bathroom decor. It is simple to work with and can stand the test of time. Tile the floor and the walls. Event the ceiling if you are so inclined. Use your favorite cleaning products to keep your subway tiled bathroom looking like a showroom model.