Bathroom Tile Designs

Choosing White Bathroom Tile for your Home Renovation

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home in terms of increasing its real estate value. That means that spending money renovating your bathroom is an excellent investment if you are looking to improve your home. One of the most basic renovations you can do on your bathroom is to install new tile.

Although tile comes in a range of color and design patterns, there is no better choice than white bathroom tile. Many real estate agents suggest choosing white because it is considered a traditional bathroom color that will appeal to all potential buyers, regardless of their personal aesthetic tastes. White tile is neutral and contrasts well with your bathroom furniture, cabinetry, and other decor.

There are many choices available for high-quality white bathroom tile. Ceramic tiles offer a good value, and are durable and easy to handle. You may also choose a white or light colored natural stone for a more classic look. Natural stone is always an excellent choice for an upscale home. Laminate and vinyl tiles are also available, which are inexpensive and stain-resistant. Laminate is also easier to cut than other types of tile, which is convenient for the do-it-yourself home renovator. Many home buyers are attracted to laminate tile because it is virtually maintenance free.

Not only does white bathroom tile make a good choice aesthetically, but it also has the advantage of being easier to clean than other colors of bathroom tile. White tile can be bleached and sterilized without any fear of discoloration. As an added bonus, potential home buyers are attracted to the pure whiteness of tile because it looks hygienic.

It is always a good idea to enhance the decorative appeal of white bathroom tiles by contrasting them with an ivory, cool white, sandy, or other non-white grout color. Many people instead choose the classic look of a dark or black grout with white tiles. You can also consider the possibility of tinting your grout yourself, which allows limitless color possibilities. Grout tinting is as easy as mixing paint, and the tint can be purchased inexpensively.