Bathroom Tile Designs

Marble Bathroom Tile

Marble can give a very elegant and fancy look to any bathroom. Price on marble bathroom tile can vary from as cheap as normal ceramic tile, to very expensive. This all depends on the source, color, pattern and finish to the marble. Shop around to find the marble bathroom tile that suits you. For instance, you may want a very fancy elegant pink marble to give your bathroom a European look. Or you may want to match or complement your marble countertops. The look is up to you.

Most marble bathroom tile is made one foot square, although many shapes and sizes are available. There are also marble bathroom tiles available cut into fancy patterns and shapes, using contrasting colors to give a really nice look. Marble is water resistant and durable enough for walls, countertops, and floors, but be aware that marble can be very slick when wet, so care should be taken on marble floors. A nice bathroom rug will solve not only this problem, but the cold marble on bare feet as well.

Marble bathroom tile is usually installed by trained professionals but can be done by the home owner with a little bit of training where you buy the marble. You will need to rent and be shown how to use a saw to cut the marble. You will also need specialized drill attachments to cut around pipes in the wall and floor. Finally, as marble bathroom tile can be quite expensive, mistakes get to be costly.

If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to take very careful measurements to make sure you buy the right amount of marble. You don’t want to buy too much as it is expensive, but you don’t want to run out either. If you have to buy more, the marble may come from a different batch and can look quite different. Marble is a natural stone product and as such, variations in shade are a natural part of the installation, and actually helps improve the overall look. Too much variation however, will make the marble look patched.